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Highlights from Terri’s Alabama Teacher Town Hall video – A MUST WATCH!


A commentor by the name of “Jack” was kind enough to post details of Terri’s wonderful video, that captures Michelle Rhee’s Teacher Town Hall in Birmingham last Thursday in all its shameful glory. Here is the video once again and Jack’s comment:

Regarding this video from Birmingham,
here are some highlights:

Rhee mocks Hannah Nguyen at about
02:13 – 02:40 — quoting out of context
and distorting what Hannah wrote to her
in her email.

At 05:05, Terri Michal (MIKE-uhl) attempts to
voice her opinion—and others followed suit,
saying, “I did, too,” and watch how she’s

At 06:08, they rip the mic away from
her (though you can see it because
she had to hide the camera, because
cameras were not allowed… resulting
in a bad camera angle).

As the caption indicates, forum participant
Steve “unionized-teachers-are-roaches”
Perry then does not answer the Terri’s
question, but instead gives the stock
answer, or rather, non-answer, which the
crowd, stacked with corporate reformers,

The security guards threatens to remove her.

By this point, the visual portion of the video
is black, with just audio.

Rhee brags about firing D.C.’s “ineffective”
teachers, but the truth is that these teachers
were the high-paid veterans that were fired
because of their high pay, and in spite of
their quality. She had fabricated a budget
deficit to do so. Shortly afterwards, she
claimed that the money was there after all.

A city councilman then said that if that’s
the case, hire back the teachers.

Rhee then challenged the city councilman
and those who agreed with him to enroll
their own kids in the public schools where
the fired teachers taught… while Rhee
herself doesn’t send her own kids to public

At 13:15, Terri’s caption talks about Rhee
trying to stare her down… again, because
of the hidden camera, again, caused
by Rhee barring cameras from the event,
you can’t see Rhee doing so… though
you can her screaming.

Rhee then assumes, that because Terri is
white, she must some elitist who “sends her
kids to tony private schools”… without any
proof of this, as it’s not true. Terri tries to set
her straight, but is silenced by the security

Terri then continues refuting this with her
caption and a picture showing her actual
family… the picture speaks for itself.

Then at 14:38, sell-out George Parker talks
about how he and Rhee support improving
public schools side-by-side with charter
and private schools, but Terri’s caption
correctly points out that the Alabama
Accountability Act—that Rhee pumped
millions of Students First dollars into
lobbying and political races in order to get
it passed—drains the public schools of
funding and puts them into private and
charter schools.

Then at 17:14, Steve “unionized-teacher-
are-roaches” Perry talks about all you
need to attend his school are “a pulse
and an address”… and again, Terri’s
caption puts a lie to this in that the make-up
of his students are “more affluent than than
the surrounding public schools, have less
distance to travel, and are more likely to
have a bed to sleep in at night.”

(Bruce Baker, Jon Pelto, and Jersey
Jazzman have posted all the data backing
this up.)

Terri’s captions then back all of this up
with data from Jon Pelto’s website.

(NOTE how earlier, the moderator
rushed Terri, refusing to let her preface
her question with comments, with the
reasoning that they were already “in
overtime” and had to rush… yet shortly
afterwards, Parker and Perry were allowed
to run their mouths for minutes on end.)

Near the end, Terri’s caption reads:

“Thank you, Ms. Rhee for this ‘teacher
town hall’.

“You have now proven that your words
mean nothing, and you have no interest
in dialogue.

“I guarantee that you have won over
no protestors in Birmingham.

“Good luck in Philadelphia!
BAT’s will be flying!”

Terri has also reported that the local news has covered the protest that occurred outside before the event. They did a pretty poor job of it, but that just means they’re afraid of the truth.

In other news, the Philly Teacher Town Hall happened today… From what I could gather one twitter… it got pretty heated. No sign of a large action/protest yet. If you have any info about what happened, I’d love to know! Thanks!


1 Comment

  1. Jack says:

    Some reports on Michelle Rhee & Students First’
    “Teacher Town Hall” last night (9/16.2013)
    in Philadephia are at least balanced, as
    evidenced by this sampling BELOW, and the
    quotes excerpted.

    First, there’s this most succinct tweet from Jake

    Jake Blumgart ‏@jblumgart

    “Favorite part of the Michelle Rhee event at Temple last night?
    The bit where the moderator told an audience member to
    ‘shut the hell up!’ ”


    Michelle must have forgot to bring the duct tape.

    Here’s a few more:


    “Soon, though, reports of test cheating tainted
    Rhee’s reputation, and by 2010, with the election
    of a new mayor, she resigned. Some who’ve
    followed Rhee’s reign closely say she left DC
    schools in worse shape than when she came.
    Rhee disagrees, and now advocates for her
    brand of education reform on the national

    “… The audience bristled at times, calling
    Rhee ‘disingenuous,’ while questioning the
    corporate backing behind many education
    reform organizations. Many audience
    members also expressed displeasure with
    the way organizers structured the town

    “Many felt the event didn’t deliver the
    ‘honest conversation; that was billed, and
    felt the moderator too quickly quashed the
    room’s dissenting voices.

    ” .. ”

    “Rich Migliore — who spent 20 years teaching
    at (the now closed) University City High School,
    and 14 as an assistant principal at various city
    high schools — felt the panel spent too much
    time focusing on what teachers do wrong and
    not enough on how to give them the supports
    to get better.

    ” ‘ You know they talked all about how to get
    rid of bad teachers,’ said Migliore, ‘but they
    didn’t talk about how to get good teachers to
    come here, how to retain good teachers, and
    how to create a professional, collaborative
    environment within our schools.’ ”


    “… But protestors gathered out front disagreed.

    “Lisa Haver of the Alliance for Philadelphia
    Public Schools was among the protesters
    gathered out front, and she feels that if
    Michelle Rhee really had the best interest
    of students in mind she would tell Governor
    Corbett to release the $45 million in funding
    earmarked for Philadelphia Schools.

    “ ‘I think if she were really for students
    she would say to the governor we need
    that money right now, we’ll work out
    the rest of the stuff at the negotiating table,’
    Haver said.

    “Haver says having the Governor re-invest
    in public education would make the biggest

    “To restore the cuts that he’s made over the
    past 2-years, and to make sure that our school
    district, like others, has enough for students
    to learn – counselors, nurses, librarians,
    support staff,” Haver said.

    “The protestors also say Rhee is anti-teacher,
    and anti-union — claims she disputes.”



    “Less of a typical town hall, the event was
    more controlled with participants pre-writing
    questions on cards, which were then asked
    by the moderator. By the end, however, a
    handful of inquires were posed directly from
    the attendee.

    “The Teacher Town Hall is meant to bring
    differing viewpoints together to have a frank
    discussion, Rhee says.

    “However, the dissenting opinion was
    noticeably missing. Not because opponents
    are being silenced, but rather, the voices were
    not there.

    “With the exception of two loud educators who
    attempted to counterpoint each panelist’s answer
    before being told to shut up by the crowd, the
    city’s most vocal education advocates, including
    Philadelphia Federation of Teachers President
    Jerry Jordan, took part in a separate town hall
    discussion at the same time Monday evening.
    “Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Spokesman
    George Jackson says the city’s education
    advocates wanted to show a ‘contrast in
    approaches’ to education reform.

    “ ‘When we can truly say that our schools are
    getting the resources they need, we can
    certainly discuss and debate Rhee’s ideas on
    education. But right now, we have a real crisis
    on our hands….And unlike Michelle Rhee, we
    don’t get to drop in to town, push our agenda
    and move on,’ Jackson said.”

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