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My Speech at the Los Angeles Teacher Town Hall, AND a VERY Important Message

I’m just posting the video here so that people can connect the video to my blog and vice versa. I will be posting a lot of important things on here soon, so please stay tuned.

Here’s the main gist of my very important message (copied from my comments under the youtube video):

Unfortunately, our fight for public education does not end here. The fact that I got a chance to speak was a stroke of luck; there are millions of student voices across the country that are being silenced under corporate reform, most of which will never have the chance to be heard unless we ACT NOW. We cannot continue to let Rhee & Co. exploit and speak FOR students. LET STUDENTS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES!

If you will be in Birmingham on 9/12 or Philadelphia on 9/16, I STRONGLY URGE you to come to the Teacher Town Hall and let your voices be heard. They will make sure you are silenced but you MUST do whatever it takes to speak truth to power. Also, invite students to come and speak. Youth engagement is VITAL if we are ever going to win this fight. Educators, continue to EMPOWER and ENCOURAGE your students to take charge of their education and rights. We are strongest if we fight WITH the students!

A few, well deserved thank you’s:

Thank you to Vincent Precht for taking this video (apologies once again for making you move every time I went in and out of our row) despite the tight security in the room.

Thank you to my sweetheart Alexis Estioko for coming to this event with me, sitting by my side supporting me, and always giving me the strength to do the right thing. I love you more than words can explain.

Thank you to my little brother, who I miss every day and who gives me the strength to fight for him even when it’s hard.

Thank you to Stephanie Rivera for her beautiful friendship and inspiring mentorship. Thank you for teaching me what it means to be a true organizer for educational justice and for giving me the opportunity to pursue my passions through SUPE (Students United for Public Education).

Thank you to EVERYONE who shared my video and sent me words of encouragement and support. Thank you for all that you do to celebrate your students and their humanity, and thank you for your steadfast dedication to justice and educational equity. I want to name you all, but that list would be endless. Expect to be featured on a page on my blog soon. I love you all.

And finally, thank you to my fellow students, whose stories and experiences have made my blood boil with passion to fight, organize, agitate, mobilize and WIN!



  1. John Young says:

    Reblogged this on Transparent Christina.

  2. I have three daughters, 14, 12, and 7. One of my greatest hopes is that they will think for themselves and fight for what is right. I hope that as they grow they will be like you, find friends like you, and make good things happen. Thank you as a father, and as an elementary school teacher in a real school that welcomes all children.

  3. […] My Speech at the Los Angeles Teacher Town Hall, AND a VERY Important Message (inspireducation.wordpress.com) […]

  4. Reblogged this on Red Pen Confessions and commented:
    A MUST watch. Student voice matters. Let them share their thoughts with you. This student BLOWS UP Michelle Rhee’s town hall meeting.

  5. CA Maestro says:

    I can’t tell you how important it was that you did this. As loud as our (older teachers) voices have been in resistance to corporate reform, it has always been easy to shrug us off. We’ll continue to fight, but you are a far more powerful agent for advocating for what students really need – perhaps even taking back the phrase “Students First” and putting it somewhere where it really belongs.

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