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Reflections on the Purpose of Education and the Manufactured Crisis


It’s July 4th and I honestly wonder how our Founding Fathers would react if they could see what “education deformers” are doing to our country today.
We were founded on the principle that education is a human right, and that everyone should have equal opportunity to access a quality education, no matter what zip code they’re in. No, education deformers, this does not mean “choice.” This does not mean turning our system into a “Race to the Top” where there are winners and losers. This does not mean dictating every facet of the system without considering the precious input of those subjected to the system. This does not mean destroying our public school system through privatization. This means ensuring that our public school system is able to ensure every single child a well-rounded, DEMOCRATIC education.
And we have been pushed far in the other direction by hedge fund billionaires, corporate “leaders”, and activist-profiteers. Thomas Jefferson must be rolling in his grave.
I’m actually ashamed to be American today. Until we can do better (and this starts with taking down education deformers and starting to move in a positive direction), we cannot possibly say that we are a country that promises freedom and liberty and power to the people.

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A reader who signs in as “democracy” posted this comment:

Education in a democratic republic has a special place and purpose. At least it’s supposed to, and public education’s purpose is most certainly NOT to make a society “more competitive.” Aristotle argued for a system of public education in ancient Athens, noting that “each government has a peculiar character…the character of democracy creates democracy, and the character of oligarch creates oligarchy, and always the better the character, the better the government.”

Democratic governance is supposed to be “of the people, by the people, for the people.” By contrast, oligarchy is government by a relatively small – usually wealthy – group that “exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes.” Considering who funds the Common Core, and who supports it (think the Business Roundtable and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce), and the process by which it was brought to fruition, is…

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  1. […] we should start by building healthy environments that kids can come home to after school, and the “following up with health and academic and social policy programs at school.” But of course this isn’t what the education reformers want. Because that would mean the tax […]

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