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A Slick Campaign for Privatization


Also wanted to add in this comment on this post that I thought summed up the point even better:

“Yes, the purpose of privatization is to get private hands on public school tax money. Almost all the school “reformers” are hustlers with fake degrees and scant experience. Almost none are teachers because these people wouldn’t even consider public service work for $40,000 a year.

Fortunately, as the fog of the Recession fades, the public is catching on. In the end, the American people will always side with the people in the classrooms.” –Linda Johnson

Diane Ravitch's blog

The forces advocating privatization of public schools are well-funded and relentless. They cloak their goals in high-flown rhetoric about “saving kids from failing schools.” Or they cynically claim the mantle of the civil rights movement as they seek to disrupt communities and replace public control with private ownership. As the public gets wise, resistance grows.

This comment came from a reader:

I have been researching this whole privitatization of public services since Parent Revolution has targeted my school. Ben and his like are interested in taking publuc services like schools and even libraries to privateers. Always promoted as being able to provide better services. With dwindling tax dollars public entities can unburden themselves of unions, costly health care, and underfunded pensions. Under eleaborate PR campaigns boards and councils are sold on the ideas.

Next, is to convince the public needing the services. The gray area of being ethical is where…

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  1. Mariam Khan says:

    Corporate reformers are very crafty with their rhetoric. That is why it is even more critical for activists like yourself Hannah and Diane Ravitch to continue revealing the ulterior motives of these so-called saviors of our education system. Privatizing education will diminish upward mobility and instead of being an equalizing factor, it will only further perpetuate class divisions. Say hello to a more stratified society everyone. Thanks for the read, Hannah!

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