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Steve Zimmer’s Angry Rant about Class Size – A Must Watch



(Skip to 05:38:10 and watch him burn his opponents at 05:40:10) 

“You just get to give more individualized, personalized attention. You get to know the stories, the voices, the history, when there are less students in your classroom. That just is.”


He then takes out printouts of charter schools’ websites and says that if the audience still doesn’t trust his experience as a teacher, they should look at the choices parents have made. Each charter school boasts class size on their front page. 22:1. 20:1. even 12:1.

Earlier he also takes brilliantly about the blasphemy of dividing “adults issues” and “kids issues”. Students’ issues are everyone’s issue. Period.

I’ve never seen anyone so eloquent yet still so fiercely passionate during an angry rant. But that’s what the state of education reform has pushed dedicated teachers and advocates like Steve Zimmer to, I suppose. I’m so glad he’s on the Board, so excited to work with him in the future.

I was actually really scared of working in LA; the dominance and blind support of corporate reform is very overwhelming. Monica Garcia is the president of the Board of Education and she is a full-on supporter of corporate reform and charter schools. And John Deasy, the Superintendent is also aggressive with his reforms, and although I believe his intentions are good, he’s falling victim to the pressure of corporate reform.

So, for me, watching this was incredibly comforting. Hope to find more quality people like this in the field!


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