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A plan to move forward!


Apologies for the lull in posting. Life has become hectic recently, so all I’ve gotten to do is just read numerous articles. With the volumes that I’ve read, I’ve decided that it’s best to have topics dedicated to every week of this summer. That way, each week I can blog on a single facet of education, solely focusing on it at the beginning of the week and then slowly moving towards tying it in with the bigger picture. With that said, I will focus on organizing my thoughts this week, post a calendar by the end of this week, and then restart my journey going full speed next week!

Once again, this is more of a point of reference for me.

In other news, please donate to Imagining Learning! Time’s running out and anything helps at this point, even $5! 

If you want to read more on why you should donate, you can read my post about it here. There’s a lot of helpful links there too.



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