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Imagining Learning – Donate Today!


“If we can’t even give our students a voice, how can we expect to give them an education?” –Daniel Kao


Creative artwork that expresses the collective voice of the students at a Listening Session, hosted by Imagining Learning

Finally. A movement worth giving to. 

Imagining Learning is an unprecedented movement in education with (what I believe is) a game-changing vision. It is built on the principle and power of LISTENING, which is something so familiar to all of us, yet so absent when it comes to complicated and pressing issues like education.

Students have stories, ideas, and sentiments to share about their education. They need to feel like they matter. They need to be heard. Imagine the tremendous change that could come about, if we stopped to listen to them and collaborate with them to come up with productive solutions for our education system. Imagine how much more MOTIVATED students would be if they knew their stories and ideas and passion could make a difference.

Through their Listening Sessions, Imagining Learning is finally building a safe and trustworthy environment for students to voice their wisdom about education and participate in discussion and decision making. Their collective voice will then come to life through artistic expression and later presented to the leaders of our country so that there can be more productive communication around education that will lead to positive change!

This is SUCH a valuable opportunity that needs YOUR HELP today! There’s only TEN days left to donate to this amazing cause. Your money will directly fund listening sessions, which have already been requested in over 40 different locations in the US. Please help make this opportunity available for as many students as possible. This is the change we need! 

If you can’t donate at this time, PLEASE share the link with your friends and family! Thank you!

Further suggested reading

1. “To Give Students An Education, Give Them A Voice.” on Cooperative Catalyst

  • Every single sentence of that post spoke volumes to me, and it is definitely worth a read.
  • Some noteworthy quotes:
  1. “Students can no longer be treated as products of a factory line, because industries are no longer interested in pools of homogeneous workers.”
  2. “It’s nearly impossible to bring inspiring academic education to students when their basic human needs are not met. Every human has a need for relationship, trust, communication, and love.”
  3. “How would your high school experience be different if your teachers told you, “I am here to share the lessons I’ve learned so that you don’t have to make the mistakes that I did. You were born to change the world, so let me help you do that.” at the beginning of the school year?”

2. “How Can We Fix Education? Listen To Young People.” on GOOD

  • More on Listening Sessions, by the founders of Imagining Learning! Amazing article, definitely worth the read.
  • Some noteworthy quotes:
  1. “Listening seems a simple act, but it requires a deep caring, a complete absence of agenda, and a delight in hearing from young people. Creating a space for the purity of youth voices to emerge is a sacred act and we should approach it as such.”
  2. We work with teens, ages 13 to 19-years-old, and ask questions based on the word “HOW?”—How would you create a learning journey for yourself and others that you would love? How do you want to learn? How would you make a school no one wants to drop out of?
  3. Indeed, the first thing we usually hear at the end of a Listening Session is, “Thank you for listening, no one ever asks us what we think.”

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  1. […] you want to read more on why you should donate, you can read my post about it here. There’s a lot of helpful links there […]

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